Hello and Welcome

Hi, if your reading this, that means you’ve found my blog. 
I’m Evette, I am a single mother of 3 wonderful children. I live in Bolton although not from here originally.

This is actually my second blog. Many who know me will already know that my main blog is over at http://bizzimummy.com. Bizzimummy is a lifestyle/mummy blog with all sorts of weird and wonderful reviews and other things going on. I have been blogging at Bizzimummy since 2013.

This new blog – Fairy Enchanted is something completely different. Bizzimummy will always be my main blogging outlet but this one is more of a personal one, it’s my path in life and my beliefs. This blog aims to delve into the unknown. The paranormal, dreams, witchcraft, and anything considered out there, spiritual or even a little bizarre. If this is not your thing then maybe this blog isn’t for you. 

Unlike my Bizzimummy blog where I post 2/3 times daily. This blog may just be once a week or so to begin with, so bare with me folks. 

So sit back and enjoy because a whole other world awaits. 


Is she a devil worshipper? Or a witch, pagan, satanist? What is she? 

No she is not a devil worshipper! Let’s get that one right out of the way. I am not going to sacrifice your goats or drink your blood. 

They see the pentagram, they see the tattoo. They may see the books, the cards, the makeshift altar, the board, the crystals etc and assume devil worship or satanist. 

These people are either scared, plain ignorant, believe in a set of rules and talks defined by another religion or are perhaps clueless.

No I’m not a devil worshipper, nor do I believe in God (the Christian God that is). I am often also asked if I’m a white witch, black witch, pagan, occult member and many other things. I guess I do fall into more than one of those categories. It’s important to realise that magic and witchcraft is never all black or all white. 

This one symbol helps to explain this a little better. 

This is the Yin-Yang. A familiar symbol dating back to the third century. It is part of an ancient Chinese philosophy. Whilst I don’t pretend to fully understand everything about this symbol I do know that it’s main principle is that all things exist as inseparable and contradictory opposites such as light and dark.

The two opposites attract and complement each other. Both sides have a small element of the other – White in black and black in white, both being completely equal to each other, meaning a correct balance between the two poles must be reached in order to achieve harmony.

Witches rarely label themselves as  white or black. In every “white” witch there is an element of black or darkness and in every “black” witch, there is an equal element of white or light (goodness)

Witches are normal people, human, just like you are reading this page. We have good days and bad days too. Yes some do take it too far to the “dark side” but the majority know the limits and boundaries only too well.

So yes, call me what you choose, but yes I practice the arts. I do so on a solitary basis and therefore fall into the label of a witch!